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Club History


Organized in 1975, it was in January 1976 that the Manotick Classic Boat Club (MCBC) officially came into existence. None of the founding members could possibly have imagined to what proportions the movement would grow. Antique and classic boating has come into its own in North America. Fine watercraft built by past generations of boat builders are being ferreted out of old boathouses, barns and garages, and are being restored by loving hands to their former glory.

The Manotick club is devoted to the restoration and preservation of antique and classic boats, which are representative of an era in boating that was refined and genteel, as well as exciting, fast and challenging. This is a hobby for true enthusiasts only. Classic boaters are absolute purists when it comes to originality and authenticity. No effort or expense is too great to achieve the standards of perfection necessary.

At first, MCBC was for the most part a social group for people who had some interest in early wooden boats. As the boat owners gained experience their activities gained momentum. They shared their knowledge generously and went about gathering more. Original wood finishing methods and authentic outfitting became the hallmark of boats owned by club members.

By a remarkable coincidence, at about the same time that this was happening at Manotick, a group was getting together at Lake George, New York. They adopted as their name “The Antique and Classic Boat Society Inc.” (ACBS) and went on to establish themselves as an international organization. The Manotick Classic Boat Club was the first Canadian chapter of ACBS, and ACBS has grown to 55 chapters with over 13,000 members throughout North America and Europe. Manotick was also instrumental in bringing the ACBS Toronto in as the second Canadian chapter. Indeed, for a short time, Toronto and Manotick shared the MCBC newsletter, The Brass Binnacle. Toronto has since grown to be one of the largest clubs in North America.

James C. Potter of Manotick was the MCBC’s first president, the following is a list of all our Presidents:

Name Year
James C. Potter 1976
James C. Potter 1977
Linda Potter 1978
Edgar Hendee 1979
Edgar Hendee 1980
Edgar Hendee 1981
Frank Phelan 1982
Sydney Herwig 1983
Sydney Herwig 1984
Sydney Herwig 1985
Mary Herwig 1986
Alan Macleod 1987
Alan Macleod 1988
Marlene Thomas 1989
Graeme Beattie 1990
Nancy Porter 1991
David Burns 1992
David Burns 1993
Nancy Taylor 1994
Ian Wyllie 1995
Ron Dulmage 1996
Don Logan 1997
Don Logan 1998
Dave Havelock 1999
Martin Luce 2000
Martin Luce 2001
Nancy Taylor 2002
Heather Phelan 2003
Jack Hughes 2004
Dave Tilley 2005
Jean-Francois Milotte 2006
Barron Meyerhoffer 2007
Ron Jelley 2008
Ron Jelley 2009
Dinah Scholfield 2010
Judy Saunders 2011
Rich Vickers 2012
Ray Saunders 2013
Ray Saunders 2014
Carman Keyes 2015
Carman Keyes 2016
Carman Keyes 2017


Since 1984, the Club has recognized those who have provided Considerable support to the Manotick Classic Boat Club through the award of the President’s Cup. The following individuals have been so honored:

Name Year
Sarah Gould 1984
Marlene Thomas 1985
James Potter 1986
Dianne Elliott 1987
Sydney Herwig 1988
Frank Phelan 1989
Linda Potter 1990
Don Thomas 1991
Mary Herwig 1992
Murray Gould 1993
Nancy Porter 1994
Alan Macleod 1995
Stephen Fox 1996
Ian Wyllie 1997
Ron Dulmage 1998
Nancy Taylor 1999
Donald Loken 2000
John & Gaye Spencer 2001
Martin Luce 2002
Parks Canada 2003
Ron & Wilma Jelley 2004
Heather Phelan 2005
Jack Hughes 2006
Dave Tilley 2007
John & Susan Richardson 2008
Richard Macleod 2009
Ray Saunders 2010
Dinah Scholfield 2011
Judy Saunders 2012
Rich Vickers 2013
Dave Tilley & Ian Wyllie 2014
Jean Beveridge 2015
Bill Young 2016
Carol Ann Arsenault 2017


Over the years, the Ottawa International Antique & Classic Boat Show has been a central focus for the Club. The Show has moved around the Rideau Valley over the years as the following list will attest:


Year Location Show Chair(s)
1976 Dows Lake Peter Elliot & Cam Graham
1977 Dows Lake Peter Elliot
1978 Dows Lake Howard Poole, Kent Martin & Robert Merkley
1979 Dows Lake Kent Martin, Robert Merkley, Barbara Hopper & Frank Phelan
1980 Rideau Ferry Murray Gould
1981 Rideau Ferry Murray Gould & Ed Hendee
1982 Rideau Ferry Frank Phelan, Peter Elliot, Murray Gould & Robert Merkley
1983 Rideau Ferry Murray Gould
1984 Perth Don Thomas & Murray Gould
1985 Rideau Ferry Murray Gould
1986 Dows Lake Syd Herwig & Murray Gould
1987 Dows Lake Syd Herwig
1988 Rideau Ferry Graeme Beattie & Mel Evans
1989 Dows Lake Frank Phelan
1990 Portland Al Macleod & David Scholfield
1991 Westport Brian Kirk & David Burns
1992 Dows Lake Murray Gould & Cam Graham
1993 Westport Graeme Beattie
1994 Westport Ian Wyllie
1995 Merrickville Nancy Taylor & Frank Phelan
1996 Westport Don Loken
1997 Dows Lake Nancy Taylor
1998 Westport Ian Wyllie
1999 Westport Martin Luce
2000 Manotick Don Thomas, Frank Phelan & Ian Wyllie
2001 Westport Heather Phelan
2002 Merrickville Ron Jelley
2003 Manotick Dave Tilley & Ian Wyllie
2004 Manotick Dave Tilley
2005 Manotick Dave Tilley
2006 Manotick Andrew MacLaurin & Barron Meyerhoffer
2007 Manotick Frank Phelan
2008 Manotick Ron Jelley & Dave Tilley
2009 Manotick Ray Saunders
2010 Manotick Ray Saunders
2011 Manotick Ray Saunders
2012 Manotick Ray Saunders
2013 Manotick Ray Saunders
2014 Rideau Ferry Ian Wyllie & Dave Tilley
2015 Show not held
2016 Rideau Ferry Chris Lucas
2017 Westport Chris Lucas

Our Club continues to focus on the enjoyment of antique and classic boats through restoration and through operating these treasures on the water. The only membership requirement is an interest in old boats.

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