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“Pocket Rocket”

Pocket Rocket

Piers Waldie’s “Pocket Rocket” was inspired by our love of vintage craft from the Sixty’s and a desire to build our own boat. The Squirt, a 1964 Glen-L design was chosen for it size, simplicity and ease of building. The plans show a hull of 10’ that is easily lengthened by 10% to her finished 11 feet.  For such a small boat, she captures that vintage runabout look beautifully, with a near barrel back transom and classic Mahogany decks. She is built with all new materials and equipped with a vintage motor, steering and controls.

“Pocket Rocket” was built from plans containing full size patterns, of solid mahogany frames, and Meranti plywood. The hull was then sheathed in fibreglass and epoxy resin. We chose to plank the decks in mahogany, employing the techniques used on our 15-foot Century. To ensure there is no mistaking that they are sisters, the Century’s stain colours, deck striping, rub rails and finishing was also replicated.

“Pocket Rocket” is powered by a classic blue and white 1958 Evinrude “Fastwin”, steering is handled by a matching blue vintage Kainer wheel and her hull is painted Sapphire Blue to complete the look.  She is one of two Squirts built from the same building frame, her sister ship is nearly identical, though powered by a 1957 Johnson. The boats were started in the early spring of 2013 and ran together in their first sea trials on May 16, 2014.

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