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“Florence” an 18’6″ 1919 Disappearing Propeller Motor Boat Uncle Sam model is owned by Ron and Wilma Jelley of Manotick. Built in Port Carling, Ontario, she is powered by a 1919 2.5 HP 1 cylinder Kingfisher copper jacket engine. The Dippy was bought in 1985, a cold October day, and made it in the water a ‘few’ years later – September, 2002 in time for the Dippy Regatta at Sparrow Lake. She is still not 100% finished; not sure it will ever be done! It did win Best Dispro at the Ottawa, Sept 2003 ACBS boat show. Don’t tell anyone, but there were only three dippys there and one got best Canadian Boat. Still a milestone for “Florence”!

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