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“Charm” is a 1919 Dispro, hull #1930 (30th boat built in 1919, the oldest Uncle Sam model known to exist) built by the Disappearing Propeller Boat Company of Port Carling, Ontario. She is owned by Mike, Nelly and Mark Krzyzanowski. The model is an “Uncle Sam” with a length of 18′-6″. The engine is a King Fisher model A-2 of 2 1/2 hp. The boat was found on Georgian Bay at Shawnanaga Indian Reserve in 1995 at the original family cottage for which it was purchased. The original owners were the Dowler family of London, Ontario. Their name is listed in a 1920 Dispro boat catalogue as “satisfied owners”. They had many boats such as Ditchburns, Minetts and Peterboroughs as well as this one Dispro. The boat almost came to a dramatic end in September 1954. High winds and torrential rains destroyed the boat house and damaged most of the boats including the Dispro. All were sunk as a result of Hurricane Hazel. The Dispro was found on the bottom in a cove next to the cottage and was retrieved. Lumber from other destroyed cottages and boat houses was salvaged and a new boathouse was constructed on higher ground. The Dispro sat in this storage until it was purchased and retrieved in September 1995. It was refloated and towed to a nearby launch ramp some two miles away. It had its second re-launching in October of the same year once the seized engine was unstuck and a jury rigged gas tank hooked up. It floated and ran, albeit with a terrible engine knock due to a worn crank shaft and connecting rod assembly. The hull (it had been painted robin egg blue on the outside and brown on the inside) and all mechanicals were restored by the owners to original condition over a period of 1 1/2 years. It was finally re-lauched in July 1997 and has been used every year since that time. The boat has received numerous awards in ACBS Boat Shows both in Canada and the USA.

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